• <h1 style="font-size:34pt; width:585px; margin:145px 0 0 -300px; float:left; line-height:60px;text-transform:uppercase;">We provide reliable solutions to deliver the best results.</h1>


We use our unique algorithms to reach engaged audiences, giving Publishers a highly effective way of monetizing their traffic.

For Advertisers, we offer multiple ad solutions of high-performing inventory that acquire quality traffic which converts into quality leads, buyers and clients. Advertising is even easier, with our free self-service platform, giving you all the tools to take control of your campaigns.

We provide technical solutions and tools which have been thoroughly developed and tested to deliver you the best results. Our technical team is constantly improving our algorithms to do best optimized marketing campaigns. Our management team guides every single client to drive maximum result and satisfy every specific need of our clients.

loopAdvanced Targeting

Target any device, ISP Carrier, operating system or browser in real-time. Target campaigns by language and location, including particular states, cities, in just a few clicks.

Web_AnalysisReal-time Tracking & Reporting

Create custom reports and share these views across the organization. Export data to a CSV file and schedule specific reports in real-time.

PreventionFraud Prevention

Take immediate action on revenue-impacting fraud with GL Anti-fraud tool that recognize abnormal campaign behavior.

APIComplete API Support

Make changes through flexible internal automation tools and allow programmatic integration of data.

callendarEvent Schedule

Impact your audience smartly with GL’s Event Planning Tool. Perform the campaign on specific schedule to target your client just in time you need.

SEO_Audit-512Campaign Management

Setup alternate landing pages, rules and events by campaign. Manage Ads Placements, Formats, Weights, Number of views, IP black- and white-lists.