Programmatic ApproachProgrammatic Approach

GL uses reliable algorithmic delivery decisioning and smart inventory management to ensure campaigns efficiency, prevent loses and maximize earnings.

formatsCross-Platform Delivery

GL comes with advanced capabilities to serve ads across any digital media or platform (video, mobile, display, social, rich-media).

qualityAds Quality

GL runs an unique comprehensive Traffic Scoring System to prevent fraud and deliver highly engaged audience to the right offers.

Cost_Per_ImpressionMultiple Price Formats

Set price formats by campaign for each conversion or event to track marketing cost across channels by CPA, CPM or CPC.

Global_BusinessGlobal Reach

Go beyond the typical business model. Discover new markets and locations. Track profitable sources and scale your business.

statsAnalytic & Visualization

Customize reporting and graphs by multiple parameters. Performance Analyses from different views. Generate, download and share your custom reports and graphs.

Atom-512Reliable Technologies

We are obsessed with creating innovative solutions for online marketing – and have been doing so since starting in 2010.

SafetySafety & Security

Secure data with custom security settings – from simple password authentication to banking-level authentication.